City Feeds Widget

The City Feeds Widget for the City

The city feeds widget is a simple plugin that allows you to pull your Zondervan plaza information into your wordpress website. Your plaza information is loaded via Ajax to prevent long page loads while waiting for the City to output the information. I wrote this plugin to integrate our plaza posts into our main website.

I hope it blesses your organization. If you have any ideas for future releases, please email me (my address is in the plugin comments).

If you would like to donate a few bucks to my development time, I accept Paypal to

You can get the widget 2 ways. The simplest is to search for it in your admin. Under the "Plugins" menu click "Add New". In the search box enter "city feeds widget" and click "Search Plugins". Once the search results load, click "Install Now" under the result for City Feeds Widget (usually the first result).

The other way is to download and manually install the widget at the Wordpress plugin site: