• The Freedom Dance

    The Freedom Dance is my first novel. It is currently available in digital formats and will release on paperback in December.

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  • Web design can be confusing

    I use a scaled approach to building websites that allows me to balance your budget with style and functionality. Whatever the scale your company needs, I have a solution for you.
  • Professional editing and effects using Premiere and After Effects

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    The Freedom Dance is my first novel and is being published by Morgan James Publishing. It is currently available in digital formats and will release in December on Paperback.

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    IATSE Local 748 in Phoenix hired me to build a brand new site from the ground up. I built a fully responsive website on top of the Laravel Framework with a custom admin section.

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    Utilizing aerial footage provided by the Iron Springs Club, I produced a three minute video for the private member section of their new website.

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    Gigbreaker needed a fully functional CMS and admin section for their clients. I built a custom solution on top of the Laravel Framework and continue to add new features as budget allows.

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  • Welcome To My New Website
    My New Website <p>Recently it occurred to me how old my website was so I knew I had to build a new one.</p>
    2016-11-29 02:52:00
  • Life Imitating Art
    Life Imitating Art <p>Five years ago, when I began to imagine a future Europe, I had no idea how quickly I would see my ideas begin to manifest in our society. In The Freedom Dance, I chose the setting of a post-war world where billions died but used tribal civil wars as the mechanism because it seemed a more authentic way for that may people to die and for a lone figure to rise to savior status. My fantasy projection seemed just that—fantasy—yet here in 2018, we are hearing pundits talking seriously about civil war. Violence from the left and right has increased and it seems that everyone is taking sides.</p>
    2018-10-08 13:35:00

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