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I grew up in Sacramento, CA and then moved to Fargo, ND in high school. While in college, I went to work at KVRR television in Fargo as a Master Control operator and eventually moved into News. While in the News department I helped build the studio, develop the on air graphics package and direct weekend news and sportscasts. After college, my wife took a teaching job in Nashville, TN where I took a job taveling doing audio and then went on to work work as an EIC for TBN. There I engineered, edited and directed shows.

"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you."
- Thomas Jefferson
In 2004 I went full time freelance doing video production for various networks (Fox, ESPN, TNT, etc) and I moved to Phoenix, AZ in November of 2006 to expand my career. I currently do lead EVS for College Football, Baseball, Hockey and many other sports both nationally and locally. In addition to television, I do freelance web design as well as co-own an eCommerce company.

When I am not running my company or flying all over the place doing television, I play the guitar, write music, do strengths coaching, and I am working on my second novel. I currently live in Gilbert, AZ with my wife and family.

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I am highly skilled at EVS and Final Cut Pro. I also Direct, Tape Produce, Technical Direct, and love trying new things.

Web Design

In addition to project managing my eCommerce company, I do PHP programming using WordPress and Laravel as well as responsive design work.

Strengths Coaching

My wife and I enjoy helping people capitalize on their strengths to live more hopeful lives. We work with teams, married couples, and individuals to gain awareness and learn how to capitalize on their inherant strengths. We use the Gallup StrengthsFinder materials as well as many materials we have written ourselves.

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