I am strong when I am given the proper amount of time and information to analyze data or situations for the purposes of fostering continued improvement through better processes, improving the situation and improving communication.


1995-2001 • Minnesota State University Moorhead, MN
Bachelor of Music in Music Industry

Course study included extensive audio production (both live and studio), video production and scoring for film and video and composition and arranging.


July 2008-Present • Founder/Co-owner SaviSites, LLC
Project Manager/Web-Designer/Programmer

In July 2008 I helped found a website development company where we help develop high end stores to basic business sites. My primary role is designing the back end systems that drive our sites as well as project manage

July 2002-Present • Freelance Television Production (Full Time in 2004)

I have been a freelance television techincian for over a decade. I travel nationally as well as work regional shows. Clients include: Fox Sports, ESPN, Velocity, more (see clients page)

August 2001-March 2004 • Trinity Broadcasting Network • Nashville, TN
Engineer In Charge - Trinity Music City

Duties included daily maintenance and repair of equipment, setting up shoots (both remote and in studio), maintaining two Avid suites and helping the editors with encoding, video setups, and editing, directing shows as needed as well as run Steadicam and other cameras when needed and maintaining the multi client network setup, routers and computers. Left to pursue full-time freelance production.

December 1998-March 2001 • Red River Broadcast Corp, LLC • Fargo, ND
Director/Chief Graphics Designer/Production

Duties included directing news and a sports show, production, ENG, installation and implementation of new equipment, and chief graphic design for the news and sports shows. I also edited local commercial spots as well as directing a regional baskeball tournament.


For a full list of freelance experience, please click here.

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    2016-11-29 02:52:00
  • Life Imitating Art
    Life Imitating Art <p>Five years ago, when I began to imagine a future Europe, I had no idea how quickly I would see my ideas begin to manifest in our society. In The Freedom Dance, I chose the setting of a post-war world where billions died but used tribal civil wars as the mechanism because it seemed a more authentic way for that may people to die and for a lone figure to rise to savior status. My fantasy projection seemed just that—fantasy—yet here in 2018, we are hearing pundits talking seriously about civil war. Violence from the left and right has increased and it seems that everyone is taking sides.</p>
    2018-10-08 13:35:00

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