Fox Sports Arizona

Coyotes NHL

Director • 2016-Present

Dbacks MLB

Director • 2017-Present

DBacks MLB

Lead EVS Operator • 2009-present

Coyotes NHL

Lead EVS Operator • 2010-present

Various College and Pro sports

TD and EVS • 2007-present

Feld Entertainment

Race Day Live

Director/TD • 2016-Present

Beautiful Bite

Season 1

Director/Lead Editor • 2017-2018

Fox Sports / FS1

College Football

Lead EVS Operator (B Crew) • 2014-2017


EVS Fill In Operator • 2014-Present

Monterey Historics

EVS Operator • 2015

Beauty Pageant

Tape Producer • 2015

Fox Sports Live at the Super Bowl

EVS • January 2015

Various Regional Events

EVS Operator • 2013-present

Discovery Studios


Post Supervisor • 2017-Present


Tape Producer • 2015-2016

Burke Brothers Productions

Various Away Feeds

Technical Director • 2014-Present

Trinity Broadcasting Network

Various Concerts and Studio Shows

Director • 2001-2004, 2015-Present


76 Classic

EVS Operator • 2009-2014

Various Major League and College sports

EVS, tape and video • 2002-present



Lead EVS Operator • 2010-2014

GrandAm Racing/Tudor Sports Car

Core Lead EVS Operator • 2010-2014

Nascar Camping World Trucks

Core EVS Operator • 2012-2014

World Of Outlaws

Lead EVS Operator • 2010-2013

Rolex 24 at Daytona

EVS Operator • 2009-2014


EVS Fill In Operator • 2009-2010 Seasons


EVS/RO Operator • 2003-2014

NFL Network

Super Bowl Shows

Sr. Video • January 2007

Mullin Production Group

Champ Car World Series

Core EVS Operator • 2007

SCCA Run-offs

EVS Operator • 2007-2008


PBA Tour

Fill In EVS Operator • 2010-2014

Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

EVS Operator • December 2009

World of Outlaws

Lead EVS Operator • 2007-2009


Lead Tape Operator • 2006-2007

I-Mag Video

MegaFest Atlanta

Engineer/Video Operator • 2004

SPEBSQSA National Competition

Director/Crew Chief • 2004

NLEEC National Convention

Director/Crew Chief • 2004, 2006

Dr. Dobson Family Action Tour

Director/Crew Chief • 2006

NACDS Conventions

Engineer/Projection/Crew Chief • 2004-2007

Various other events in hotels and arenas

Directing/Engineering • 2004-2008

Fox Sports South

EVS and Tape

Various College and Pro sports • 2003-2007

Nashville Predators

Core EVS Operator (Travel) • 2005/2006 Season and 1st part of 2007

Memphis Grizzlies Home and Away Feeds

Video/EVS/Tape Operator • 2004-2006 Seasons


Regional NBA, NHL, MLB

EVS Operator • 2004-Present

NBA Playoffs (Wizards)

EVS Operator • Spring 2006

College Sports in Southeast Region

EVS Operator • 2002-2006

Lincoln Financial Sports (formerly Jefferson Pilot Sports)

SEC Football

Lead Tape Operator • 2006

Various SEC Sports

EVS/Tape Operator • 2005-2007

Zoe Creative Services

Various Music Videos

Glidecam Operator • 2004-2007

New Post Facility

Installation/Project Engineer • 2006

Projects as needed

Post Editor • 2006-2007


CMT Music Awards

EVS Operator • April 2005

Cracker Barrell

Training Videos

Glidecam operator • 2006

National Convetion

Camera Operator • 2006

USA Networks

Nashville Star Season 2

Profile/Tape Operator • Spring 2004

Sharif Iman

Live concert DVD project

Director • 2004


This is Your Country

Tape Operator • July 2003

Cinema 7 Productions

Live Concert DVD for CeCe Winans Choir

Engineer/Tech Manager • September 2002

Amber Productions (co-owner)

Various Corporate Videos

Director/Editor/DP • 2004-2006

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    Life Imitating Art <p>Five years ago, when I began to imagine a future Europe, I had no idea how quickly I would see my ideas begin to manifest in our society. In The Freedom Dance, I chose the setting of a post-war world where billions died but used tribal civil wars as the mechanism because it seemed a more authentic way for that may people to die and for a lone figure to rise to savior status. My fantasy projection seemed just that—fantasy—yet here in 2018, we are hearing pundits talking seriously about civil war. Violence from the left and right has increased and it seems that everyone is taking sides.</p>
    2018-10-08 13:35:00

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